Our Nurses

Every one of our nurses goes through the most rigorous screening and interview process. Not only do we conduct background checks, including a full police check, but also our nurses qualifications and the currency of their training is also placed under the closest scrutiny. But it doesn’t just end there. There is a saying… if your attitude was contagious, would people want to catch it? We are looking to provide you with nurses who are prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty. These are very special people, and our screening process singles out those dedicated and enthusiastic nurses who see their occupation as a calling rather than just a job. That gives us a unique nursing edge.

Our Caring

Probably the greatest promotional tool in any business is word of mouth, referral and personal recommendation. As a company we strive to ensure that every point of contact within our organisation is a pleasurable experience, from our friendly administration and booking staff to our dedicated nurses. We love to care, and our aim is to provide you with unrivalled quality and unbeatable affordability.

Our Availability

When our clients say “jump” we are already in the air asking “how high?” The one thing that you need above all else when it comes to the care of your loved ones is an attitude that says… the answer is yes, now what was the question? Our caring and compassionate staff love helping people, and we are available 24/7 to deal with any crisis that might arise. We will get someone to you, and that is always our commitment to you. Because we utilise a cloud based backend system to minimise overheads, not only is our service unbeatable, but it is delivered to you at a truly affordable price.

Our Services

HOME CARE: Affordable Care’s care staff work side by side with families to develop customized and effective personal care plans for their loved ones. This could include:

  • Hygiene assistance
  • shopping support
  • domestic assistance
  • escort to medical appointments or outings
  • medication prompting
  • meal preparation
  • respite and companion care
  • overnight support
  • massages (provided by professional masseurs)

DEMENTIA CARE: Affordable Care has workers trained in dementia care can offer help that is tailored to your needs. This may include general in-home care as well as companionship and leisure activities to engage them.

PALLIATIVE CARE: End of life is an emotional and sensitive time, and an important period for families and friends to spend together. Affordable Care’s compassionate and experienced professionals understand your needs and can assist with emotional and practical supports for carer’s time out.

STAFFING FOR FACILITIES: Either at hospital or aged care centre, Affordable Care’s dedicated and experienced workers know how to fit into the team and hit the ground running. With our large staff pool,you won’t be disappointed whenever you need an extra hand.

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